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How To Book Your Microlink Appointment

Check out these steps for your Microlink Install!

  1. Book your free phone consultation HERE

  2. Once booked, you'll receive an email on how to prep for your consultation.


  • Microlinks are great for Versatility & Flexibility

  • Lasts 3-4.5 months with proper care

  • For all hair types (See textures under Microlinks tab)

  • We offer 5+ different types of Microlink Installs

  • Each Services comes with a complimentary hair wrap

  • Our Bundles & I-tips are sold at a discounted price with each installs

  • After removal a trim and treatment are highly recommended

  • Microlinks DO NOT cause breakage. Excessive heat and Pulling can cause damage

  • 1-1.5 Bundles needed for install ( wefted method) 2 packs of I-Tips needed for full head install ( individual method)

  • Treat Microlinks like your natural hair ( products & washing)

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